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Development of Moulds

A mould is the starting point of every injection moulding process. The design of this mould has to be perfect; otherwise it will be impossible to produce a high quality end product. Due to our years of experience in the development of injection moulds we can guarantee an efficient and durable production.

To design a mould we start with the final approved design of the end product. On the basis of that design our technical designer creates a DFM design (Design For Manufacturing). This design guarantees that the product will comply with our quality standards, but also that it will be released from the mould without any issues.  

Based on the design and a solid technical specifications manual a team of specialists will decide on the mould’s final shape. Sometimes these are specific moulds that remain the property of the customer; however, we also invest in standard moulds that can be used by different customers.   

Depending on the requirements of the customer we apply the most innovative technologies to our moulds. We have long been using the technology of gas and water injection, and also IML (In Mould Labelling) and TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) are techniques we have been applying successfully.

Our high quality moulds ensure that we receive orders from across the globe.