Kod tvrtke 4evergreen Alliance dostupno je novo izdanje protokola za procjenu mogućnosti recikliranja

Kao ponosni članovi 4evergreen Alliancea, sa zadovoljstvom odobravamo objavljivanje Beta izdanja „Protokola za procjenu mogućnosti recikliranja”.

This reference tool will help the entire value chain improve and align how it assesses the recyclability of existing and future packaging products. The document, now fully available and open for download on the 4evergreen website, is the result of a joint effort by 75 experts and contains the results of more than 50 actual recycling tests involving approximately 100 different samples.

Evaluate individual packaging products

This Beta version is ready for use to quantitatively and qualitatively assess individual packaging products made from cellulose fibres and evaluate their suitability for recycling in standard factories. User feedback will be key to optimizing this Beta release in the first completed version and investing in the future.

New version launched in 2023

Experts at 4evergreen have already begun intensive work on expanding the protocol and include assessing recyclability for floating ink-reducing factories and specialized factories, based on tests currently conducted by the association. Updated versions will launch during 2023.

4evergreen is an inter-industry alliance of over 100 members representing the entire fiber-based packaging lifecycle – from forests to designers, manufacturers, brand owners and recycled products. Together, they share expertise to develop tools and guidance for an even more sustainable sector. Their goal is to reach a 90% recycling rate for fiber-based packaging by 2030.