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The Greencoat® Story: Fighting Landfill Waste with Relentless Innovation

U.S. retailers and restaurants pay approximately $50 million annually to dispose of roughly 1.47 million tons of wax boxes used to pack and ship cold and wet products.

In 2004, Mountaire Farms, one of the largest poultry processors in the U.S., realized their customers were growing tired of the monetary and environmental costs associated with wax box disposal and wanted to get ahead of the curve. They searched for recyclable wax replacement packaging that performed as well as wax but found it didn’t exist.

Realizing they needed an innovative packaging partner to develop the solution they sought, Mountaire found that partner in DS Smith.

After years of testing and trials, Greencoat was deemed a success in 2010. Today, Greencoat has completely changed the way cold and wet products are packed and shipped and is successfully used in the poultry, produce and seafood industries.