Automotive Components

The Expanded Foam subdivision of DS Smith Plastics manufactures a wide variety of automotive packaging and impact protection components. Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) and Polystyrene (EPS) are trusted and preferred materials within the industry primarily because their light-weight nature reduces vehicle mass while their strength and shock absorbency improves passenger and pedestrian safety.

Our materials are also chosen for automotive components and returnable packaging as they are reusable, recyclable and meet the requirements of ELV (end of life vehicles) legislation.

After parts are ejected from the moulding machines they are continually assessed for their quality as they have to pass the most stringent certification and testing. We work to the highest standards and have two UK plants (Northampton & Spennymoor) accredited to TS16949. Foam Products is the only UK approved ARPRO (EPP) moulder and is strategically positioned to support automotive companies throughout the UK.

We work with some of the largest OEM’s and tier 1’s up and down the country manufacturing and delivering high quality, on-time packaging and components.

  • Bumper Cores
  • Seating Components
  • Boot Spacers
  • Floor Levelling
  • Side Impact Protection (SIPs)
  • Head Impact Protection
  • Knee Impact Protection
  • Pillar Impact Protection
  • Pedestrian Impact Protection
  • Sound Deadening Components
  • Trunk Liners
  • Void Fillers
  • Tool Pods

Work with us as you develop the autonomous, electric cars of the future to make your vehicles lighter, greener, safer and less reliant on air polluting fuels. Like it or not, big changes are coming to the automotive industry over the next 5 years and EPP has a big part to play in terms of weight reduction and safety.

If you are looking for other automotive packaging solutions and services please visit the DS Smith Automotive Microsite.