Plastics Organisation

DS Smith, Plastics Division operates out of sites around the world and is continuously expanding its reach to supply products and services internationally.

DS Smith Plastics can supply products and services anywhere in the world according to the requirements of companies, which take full advantage of the advantages of working with an international supplier.

The Plastics division now serves its customers from more than 25 facilities in 12 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and the Australasia region. Its global projection is reinforced by a large worldwide network of agents and distributors.

Main business areas

Flexible Packaging │ Injection Moulded Products │ Foam Products│ Extruded Products

Summary of the organization of the Plastics division

Business areaOur offer

Group of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging solutions and filling machines including Bag-in-Box and Urn-liners.
Custom designed and in-stock liquid dispensing solutions
Group of Rigid Packaging

One-way and returnable transit packaging, polypropylene sheets and multi-wall polycarbonate sheets.

A leader in returnable plastic beverage crates, trays & pallets.
Foam Products
A leading manufacturer of specialty components, packaging and materials handling for some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world.

Our purpose in Plastics  

Develop the right strategies

Our total product development process creates solutions which improve the entire supply chain – from facilitating robotics and sophisticated automation, to minimising transportation.

Think differently

The ways we use material is different – we design to use the least material in the best ways possible. Where once we were simply creating packaging, now in some circumstances we are also creating parts.

Innovate together

We use the latest techniques and state-of-the-art software. We can offer customers 3D printed prototypes. We use advanced technology to ensure performance.

Put sustainability at the heart

All of our secondary packaging is reusable and recyclable thus reducing energy needed to produce new products. Our primary packaging, although not reusable by application, it is the best sustainable alternative to traditional packaging.