Print & Publishing

Print & Publishing

At DS Smith we understand the pressures facing the modern-day print & publishing sector and how efficiency gains are a top priority.

Our recycling and waste management initiatives can contribute to meeting productivity related business objectives, and by using what we call ‘The Power of Less’ we can help print and publishing companies get the best value from their recycling by implementing services which provide less cost, less waste and less complexity.

With 40 years’ experience in diverting waste from landfill and driving forward recycling you can trust us to take care of all your recycling & waste management needs.

We understand effective segregation of different waste streams can be a challenge to set up at your business, so wherever possible we will provide different bins and solutions for different materials while keeping your business’s space and activities in mind.

Enhancing your environmental standing by committing to zero waste

Our philosophy of Zero Waste encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused or recycled and no waste is sent to landfills or incinerators. This zero waste aim is fundamental to our work at DS Smith as unlike other providers we don't invest in landfill.

More than just a recycling and waste management company, we are also part of the DS Smith group which is a leading manufacturer of packaging and paper in Europe and we make millions of products from the materials we gather.

So, quite simply, we don’t see waste as waste, we see it as resources.

Using DS Smith to Manage Print & Publishing Waste

If you’re looking to operate at Zero Waste then DS Smith is well equipped to help you achieve this target. Thanks to our years of experience, we’ve helped a large number of clients achieve zero waste across a range of industries – including print and publishing.

Here’s what we do for print and publishing clients:

  • Provide a free materials recycling audit, highlighting the value of your waste
  • Tailor our service to match your needs
  • Deliver long term benefits by achieving best value from your resources
  • Work with you to ensure environmental compliance
  • Provide a timely, reliable and competitive collection service
  • Give you the collections and equipment needed to match your needs

If you would like a free audit please click the link below.