New POS provides 24/7 sales boost at the Neste K station

Neste K Hatanpää in Tampere, Finland is a 24/7 petrol station, shop and restaurant. The facilities were completely renovated in 2017 and with the new layout they saw a new opportunity for POS displays to further encourage sales.

The Challenge:

The business owner wanted something to promote the sales and awareness of certain product groups that is flexible enough to change the products over time.

Our Approach:

DS Smith always seeks a solution that is tailor-made for our customers. Here we developed a branded lightweight, portable, yet sturdy corrugated cardboard POS display.

Our solution:

The introduction of the POS displays made it possible to promote different products in key areas with high footfall and visibility. As the sales line designed to increase the sales of Neste K Hatanpää was not tied to the look of a single product, but to the Neste K brand, the merchant will use it differently for the different products that he wants to raise the attention at any given time. Stands replicating the same brand look also create a solid corporate look.


  • More sales of the promoted product rose by over 300% in the displays and the same product saw sales increase by 94% on their on existing shelves.
  • Greater footprint usage as the POS could be placed in a place wherever they work best
  • Great branding as the POS display promotes the Neste K brand and adds to the overall feel of the renovated facilities
  • Superior environmental performance as the long-lasting POS display can be fully recycled at the eventual end of its life.
  • Easy cooperation for Neste K Hatanpää with a single point of contact to understand their needs, design, manufacture and delivery directly to the store.

Customer experience

"Based on the experience, I can say that the display POS work very well in carefully selected locations. The stands are easy to keep full and sold well as they were particularly prominent in front of customers’ eyes.”