AkyPak® Returnable Boxes

Custom designed polypropylene packaging solutions for both single use and returnable packaging

Our packaging solutions are custom made to fit your needs whether you want to use the container once or you want to return and reuse the container. Our containers are made out of polypropylene making them a lightweight, sturdy option for transporting products.

Returnable Transit Packaging Provides Eco and Cost Effective Solution

Returnable transit packaging (made from polypropylene sheets) is strong and durable and enables a considerable improvement in the profitability of logistic flows at all levels of the supply chain.

Our packages are custom designed to suit individual requirements while ensuring optimal protection of parts from start to finish. Our comprehensive portfolio ranges from small to large containers, fixed or flexible PP fittings and secondary or tertiary packaging solutions.

Particularly suited to any closed logistics network 

As soon as a regular circuit between a shipment location and delivery location is identified, returnable packaging enables a considerable reduction in expenditure and an improvement in short or medium-term profitability.

Optimisation of the logistics loop

  • Between 40-70% saving on the overall cost
  • Profitability achievable from the 1st year
  • Saving on transportation costs thanks to the lightweight material
  • Space and cost savings for storage and return transport: once folded, up to 85% reduction in volume

returnable packaging supply cycle