Corrugated Plastic Solutions

Lightweight & Durable Packaging

Recyclable and resilient polypropylene (PP) packaging solutions for one way or multi-way

'Fit to Purpose' Packaging

Our polypropylene sheets can easily be converted into different types of packaging solutions to fit your needs. Polypropylene (PP) packaging solutions are known for its lightweight, durability, reusability and recyclability (100%) qualities which make them an environmentally friendly alternative.

We offer a variety of PP packaging —also known as corrugated plastics packaging—  solutions designed to be efficiently used in continuous cycles without losing their integrity or quality, or used as a one-way solution. Most importantly, our solutions can be recycled into a new product at the end of its useful life.

Options and add-ons

Our packaging solutions are customisable to fit your needs, and we offer a variety of dividers, fittings for corners and plastic handles to convert a simple box into a customised packaging that fits your needs.