Game Changers

We’ve come a long way since our founder, David Smith, started manufacturing cartons in London in 1940.

Over time the world has changed and now, more than ever, our customers need broader reaching solutions; innovations and processes that will help them reduce waste, cost and complexity.

To meet these challenges we need to act in a new, holistic way. That’s why we've evolved to become a different kind of business.

Team players

Where once we were packaging manufacturers with additional businesses in paper, plastic and recycling, today we are bringing our thinking together to form one unified company.

Supply Cycle thinkers

Our cross business expertise, from design to production and supply to recycling, means we can create solutions that look at the whole, not just one part.

Our unified approach and Supply Cycle thinking lightens the load of our customers by removing complexity and simplifying supply chains.

Load lighteners

Finding the most efficient Supply Cycle for each customer ensures their products achieve more from less, resulting in a positive impact on their business. We call this The Power of Less:

The Power of Less waste and more recycling.
The Power of Less material and greater impact.
The Power of Less cost and increased prosperity.
The Power of Less complexity and greater efficiency.

Mad scientists

We’re already going further for our customers. Take the challenge of selling ice cream on foot, through sandstorms under the burning sun of West Africa. It sounds impossible, but we made it happen.

Through research and development with local customers, we created affordable, lightweight, cooling boxes that are now used daily by over 10,000 vendors across the African continent.

Preferred partners

We’ve also been busy working with one of Britain’s largest multinational food and fashion retailers to help them achieve zero waste.

Our recycling and packaging teams created a reverse haul waste management solution, which allowed the retailer’s own logistics fleet to collect 100% of the wet and dry waste from stores and divert all of it from landfill.

We not only simplified the lives of people in the back of store, we also removed all the retailer’s waste transit and helped them in their goal to become the world’s most sustainable major retailer.

Sporting heroes

At the London 2012 Olympic games our corrugated plastic signage provided the backdrop for some of the world’s biggest sporting moments whilst helping to guide nearly 11 million ticket holders around the venues.

Our French and British teams provided over 30km2 of fully recyclable plastic signage for the event and when the curtain fell, our work continued. We crushed, recycled and reformed the signage back into brand new sheets of plastic. 100% recycled and 100% success in providing for the first ever zero waste Olympic Games and the most sustainable in history.

Our management of the project was so successful we’ve already been contracted to do the same again at the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Thirst controllers

We worked alongside one of the world’s largest restaurant chains, to help them in their ambition to provide healthier meal options for their customers.

Our technical and operations team within our Liquid Packaging unit worked tirelessly to overcome the many challenges associated with getting healthy fruit drinks into their stores. Using our award-winning, flexible bags and dispensing solutions, the drinks were dispensed hygienically, efficiently and sustainably.

This reduction in food spoilage and increase in sales has had a long lasting, positive impact in the homes and communities of the sellers.

Pyramid builders

We’re proud to work with some of the world’s leading brands, but we’re also humbled by some of the smaller clients we have. In fact some of our happiest customers are just six years old.

For a number of years we’ve been supplying materials to countless local schools and youth groups in the communities where we operate. Our boxes have helped create everything from nativity stables to pyramids, not to mention proud parents, happy teachers and smiling children. So when you work with us, you know you’re not dealing with a faceless, corporate organisation, you’re working with a company dedicated to a better future for everyone.

Metal detectors

Our teams are never afraid of commitment and they're dedicated to the customers and colleagues they serve.

We’re not just driven to maintain our award-winning customer service centres, we’re also relentless on the road, rescuing lost car keys and engagement rings from our recycling bins, reuniting them with their rightful owners.

Fire fighters

We’re at your service, no matter what. After a large fire closed one of our French sites, we immediately set to work to ensure the service for our customers was uninterrupted.

Our eager employees transferred to alternate sites to help ensure there was no loss of production. For the length of the factory rebuilding process, our teams were given local hotel accommodation but many were kindly accommodated in the homes of colleagues and their families.

So when you do business with us you know you’re working with a team that will stop at nothing to keep your business moving.