Chemicals Management

DS Smith Chemicals Management, December 2019

We at DS Smith work hard to continuously improve, to implement best practices in our manufacturing processes, and to ensure that our business model remains sustainable and responsible, both for our environment and our people. The use of hazardous chemicals in manufacturing has been an area of increasing focus over the last few years. We fully support the EU REACH regulations, which are in place to manage the risks associated with the use of hazardous chemicals, and we take a proactive approach to implementing the standards set by REACH.

Across the Group, we set stringent objectives that require all parts of the business to establish legally compliant and safe processes and systems for procuring, storing, handling and disposing of chemicals that are used in our manufacturing operations. We undertake regular reviews of chemicals to identify where, and in what quantity, Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) are present, their purpose, whether they are part of our product formulation and whether they can be substituted or eliminated from the manufacturing process. It is intended that substitution or elimination of these substances will, in turn, lessen our environmental, health, safety and compliance risks.

Going forward, we will work to continually improve our chemicals management across the Group, to implement best practice across our entire business, and to lead the way in sustainability. Our REACH policy details plans to achieve this.