Operating Divisions

We are now operating in 37 countries worldwide, with a significantly enlarged geographic footprint, entering many markets for the first time with new and existing customers.

We see great opportunities to roll out our innovative products and services with our larger customers in new territories, and with new customers in new markets.

United Kingdom

  • In the UK we have 30 corrugated manufacturing sites, 9 recycling depots and one large paper mill. 

Western Europe

  • Includes our operations in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.
  • In this region we have 46 corrugated manufacturing sites, one recycling depot, one large and two small paper mills. 

DCH and Northern Europe

  • Includes our operations in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
  • In this region we have 48 corrugated manufacturing sites and two large paper mills. 

Central Europe and Italy

  • Includes our operations in Italy, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia (FYROM) and Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.
  • In this region we have 77 corrugated manufacturing sites, four paper mills (in Italy, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria) and 17 recycling sites. 

North America

  • Comprises our fibre-based paper and packaging operations in the United States.
  • In this region, we have two paper mills, 12 packaging sites and a number of logistics centres. The sites are located on the East coast of the US.


  • Includes operations in: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and the United States.

  • Our flexible plastic packaging business has 11 manufacturing sites globally, while our rigid plastic packaging business has 15 manufacturing sites in Europe.

Joint ventures

  • We are a shareholder in and work together with RKTK, who are an integrated manufacturer of liners and fluting, corrugated board and boxes, with operations in the Ukraine and Russia.