Innovation of the month: Improved exposure and environmental benefits

R-Flute® gives your products better exposure and reduces the environmental impact while saving you money.

R-Flute® is an entirely new type of corrugated fluting developed for retail sales. The new fluting size represents an extension of the standard B-Flute but offers even more benefits in terms of sales, logistics and environmental impact.

R-Flute v. B-Flute

R-Flute® has a more even print surface than a traditional B-Flute, offering your products better exposure on the store shelves and thus helping to increase sales. In addition, the R-Flute® takes up nearly 27% less space than a standard B-Flute. As a result, it offers some clear logistical and cost benefits, for example by freeing up valuable warehouse space. The fact that R-Flute® takes up less space reduces your transport need and thus also your environmental impact.

R-Flute on pallets

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