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Innovation and mother nature paired in unique Veuve Clicquot packaging

Create the most environmentally responsible packaging possible

Saving 5.2 tonnes of virgin fibre

DS Smith helps Norway King Crabs keep crabs fresh

Unique packaging design holds ice securely in place, meeting 100% leak-proof criteria for air freigh

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DS smith help smartmat keep food fresh

New robust packaging developed to protect the food on its journey from warehouse to doorstep

Fresher produce deliveries for Smartmat
  • biodegradable packaging
  • 100% leak-proof packaging
  • Packaging protecting food

Packaging to help you manage business risk

In an ever changing world, our customers seek to manage risk, adapt to the future and use resources wisely. The right packaging makes a big difference, in protecting your business, regulatory compliance and sustainable business practices.

In partnership with our customers, we explore changes which affect them, whether in supply chains, sales channels, retail formats or the demands of their customers.  By designing packaging to reflect those changes, we help customers protect sales and develop for the future. 

Every day, we help customers address risk, throughout the supply chain.  The right packaging prevents waste and loss of sales, contributes to healthy working practices and ensures that food contact or other regulatory requirements are met.

Sustainable practices and the best use of resources underpin every business

Packaging contributes so much – for example, whenever packaging optimises pallet loads and distribution, less warehousing is needed and delivery journeys are taken from the road. 

What’s more, corrugated packaging is recyclable and DS Smith’s recycling business is an international leader. You can be sure that our papers are responsibly sourced and that we design packaging for optimum reliability, with no more material than necessary. 

We offer practical advice, wherever you are based in Europe. If you’d like to find out more about how to manage risk through packaging, then get in touch or read more about the customers we’re already helping.

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