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Just wishing for more revenue doesn’t work. We develop smart packaging that helps increase your sales.

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DS Smith displays help perk up KRÜGER coffee sales

Promotional display solution ensuring increased attention and better sales of the products

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Raise a glass to toast to best in class Cognac and Packaging!

Helping Hardy Cognac increasing their sales due to an appealing and unique packaging

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Better advertising with EasyAd boosts sales

100% product exposure thanks to billboard placement in parking lots and on store exterior walls

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  • More sales
  • High-quality packaging
  • Boost sales

Packaging to help you sell more

Shoppers insist on finding the product they want straightaway, even on crowded supermarket shelves. Sometimes, they buy something new or act on impulse. Whatever the case, the right packaging makes a huge difference – will shoppers recognise a brand, find the product and buy it?

Design and colour drive recognition and results.  Our extensive investments, in software and colour control, support brand awareness and consistency, across multiple promotions and store formats.  That’s vital for our customers, together with inventive POS, for brand communication and successful launches.

But that’s not all. 

Packaging achieves much more, from making growth possible in fast developing sales channels, to handling rapid change in traditional retail formats and strengthening in-store availability.

Our customers tell us that availability is crucial. In fact, research from the IGD has revealed that 37% of customers will buy an alternative brand if they can’t find their chosen product on the shelf.

All businesses need sales. It’s their lifeblood. We have a great track record of helping customers succeed, through sharp sales growth, successful product launches, outstanding promotions, category leadership and much more.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you sell more get in touch or read more about the customers we’re already helping.

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