Made2fit: get rid of void fill, once and for all

Did you know most of every box that’s shipped is empty for over 55%? If you want to cut costs, save on storage space and minimise damage, it’s a good idea to re-evaluate your packaging.

Thanks to DS Smith's revolutionary Made2fit technology, you’ll need just 3 blank sizes to create packaging that fits your product perfectly – eliminating void fill.

You’re not paying to ship void fill, are you?

One of the biggest problems in e-commerce? Businesses paying to ship air because their boxes are full of void fill chips. Quite the waste of resources. Don’t worry: with Made2fit, you’ll get an easy fix by creating the right-sized pack for your product.

The result? You’ll eliminate void fill and reduce both operational and shipping costs, by:

  • saving on storage space
  • cutting assembly and packing times
  • reducing product movement and damage

2 solutions, for 2 types of customers

Are you a high volume retailer?

Then you’ll benefit most from the automated version of Made2fit.

Your advantages:

  • 10 million box size combinations, from just 3 blanks
  • easy to pack single and multi-orders
  • erect, fill, close and label boxes in a single process

 Are you a smaller business?

Then you’ll get most out of Made2fit Manual.

Your advantages:

  • 39 possible box combinations, from just 3 blanks
  • easy to assemble
  • up to 80% less void fill
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