New standards in bumper packaging for the aftersales market

DS Smith develops standardised one-way single packaging for 130 bumpers / Six U-Shapes fit all models.

Challenge: Modular packaging standards with high performance

DS Smith was approached with a challenge to standardise and simplify the packaging for 130 different bumpers along the entire supply chain. By standardising the packaging the client could benefit from optimised logistics costs, reduced handling, increased warehouse capacity, improved stock availability and better environmental performance with a 100% recyclable solution.

Our Approach: Clustering for optimisation

DS Smith reworked the proven concept of contoured single packaging, normally called U-Shapes, to meet the specific needs of bumpers. The goal was to have a maximum of ten standardised packages but a comprehensive analysis revealed the total number could be reduced as far as just six groups of bumpers (clusters), which at the end of the project would use their own U-Shape size.

Results: U-Shape: Quick, solid and effective

  • Quick build-up by only one employee
  • Lower costs packaging items at suppliers are minimised
  • Solid quality for high stackability,  worldwide shipments (also airfreight) and long term warehousing
  • Greater efficiency as filling levels are optimised - especially for ground transport
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