Mercedes Benz chooses K-Pak foldable container for Supply Chain

Mercedes Benz is known above all for the quality and refinement of their vehicles. When developing the packaging to protect breakable parts they apply the same elevated standards.


Mercedes Benz was looking for a non-abrasive and returnable plastics container as a universal solution to transport different types of lights. They were interested in finding a reusable solution that could offer benefits to the environment by being more durable than their current cardboard solution, had a longer life-cycle (duration), required fewer natural resources to produce, was 100% recyclable and could be repurposed at the end of its useful life.

They chose our Corrugated Plastics and Thermoformed K-Pak container as their solution, due to its versatility (foldable), ease of use, durability and efficiencies in transport capacity (return ratios).

Our Approach

To meet customer requirements, we presented two models of K-Pak 3-fold containers that would efficiently transport and protect various types of lights.

The solutions presented optimally protect the glass part of the lights without touching the outer packaging. In addition, the internal dividers offered were made of Akyelec™ ESD material ―which protects the components from static electricity.

The K-Pak complete packaging solution chosen by Mercedes Benz consists of a Corrugated Plastics bulk container and dividers. K-Pak is a multi-way (returnable) solution with an expected useful lifespan of more than 5 years.


  • Easy to use and efficient solution to transport various types of lights
  • Lower costs for packaging material, distribution costs and improved logistics
  • Flexibility to transport goods to and from suppliers and also internally on the manufacturing floor.
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