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Extruded Products, AD Plastik & Fiat Working Together

AD Plastik, the largest Croatian manufacturer of plastic components for the automotive industry approached Plastics’ Extruded Products to help them design a tailor made packaging solution for Fiat exterior and interior spare parts. The idea of AD Plastik was to combine standard packaging with fresh, innovative design

The Challenge: Standard Packaging vs. Multi-Material Solution

AD Plastik needed our assistance to protect their products during transit between the AD Plastik production site and Fiat Automobiles, Serbia. The plastic solution we offered is durable, long-lasting and lightweight at the same time. The foam and textile inserts ensure a safe and protective transport of the products.

Our approach: Tailor-Made Packaging

Thanks to many years of experience, our designers created a made to measure solution according to AD Plastik’s expectations and provided a high level service through the whole lifecycle of this project. K-Pak containers with foam inlays as well as Akyboard® inserts we offered perfectly fit the shape of the interior and exterior spare parts.

The Results: Lighter Packaging, Long-Lasting Solution

  • Returnable packaging for long-term usage
  • Can be recycled and re-purposed for a second useful lifecycle
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • K-Pak container with internal L-support (Akylux® + foam)
  • Combination of standard and tailor made packaging (complex solution)
  • Made-to-measure based on research and development
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