Automotive & industry standards

We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of automotive packaging products which are supplied to most of the major vehicle manufacturers.

As experts in automotive packaging we create innovative solutions for the majority of global automotive brands and major component suppliers.  We also leverage our extensive experience to help our customers create standard packaging catalogues so that the benefits of exceptional design can be incorporated throughout the organisation.

Some of the references we can supply are, among others, Replacement Packaging of Ford, Overseas Packaging of RENAULT, CKD line of PSA and GLT line of Volkswagen.

Our GALIA and IMC automotive packaging products are standard regular slotted cases, with dimensions corresponding to sub-multiples of standard pallets.

Tested and approved according to the EAQF class A standard (GALIA cases) and Ford certifications (IMC - ISO Modular Carton), we keep a number of cases in stock for improved reactivity.

The GALIA EMB 12 is a range of single-use corrugated cardboard packaging units that enables the shipping of automobile parts from manufacturing plants to various assembly plants across the world. The range includes cardboard crates and matching lids, as well as regrouping lids and wooden pallets. 

This range represents an automotive industry standard which can be produced across the world in order to simplify Supply Chain flows and encourage on-site filling of automotive parts destined for ‘External Assembly Plants’. It complies with GALIA’s standards, combating the presence of counterfeit products among equipment suppliers and constructors and the risks associated therewith.

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