EPP, EPS & HDPE trays

Bespoke trays, stackable when filled and nestable when empty.

An application specific dunnage tray is important for many industries, none more so than the automotive sector due to the logistics of numerous high value, vehicle critical components.

Damage can lead to costly delays on the production line which has a knock on effect on daily quotas and delays in scheduling.

ABS single sheet and twin sheet thermoformed trays, molded trays made with EPP or HDPE are tailor-made to the product they contain so they cradle parts perfectly avoiding breaks, scratches and shaking throughout the supply chain.

Available in a variety of thicknesses and materials according to your needs; these exceptionally light trays are stackable when full and nestable when empty to save the maximum amount of space possible and have extraordinary ability to absorb impacts.


  • Supply chain and transit weight reduction
  • Cushioning against shock and drops
  • Scratch-free surface when in direct contact
  • Light-weight and robust
  • Durable
  • Resistant
  • Custom-made
  • Nestable to save space
  • Easy to clean
  • Stackable when they are fill
  • Direct to assembly line
  • Significant transport and processes cost saving