Corrugated cardboard box pallet

Our cardboard Pallet Boxes can be produced in any size or quality you require, they are intended for the transport, storage and bulk shipment of products, where you need robust capacity and the ability to stack packages.

We have two different types of pallet boxes which are both compatible with standard pallet systems (European and American). They are customisable in height, flats, reinforcements, windows and more... They can also be supplied with interior fittings in numerous materials according to your product for secure transport, space optimisation and exceptional protection.

Pallet boxes are available to be mated with a standard wooden pallet or can be designed with an incorporated corrugated pallet. An incorporated corrugated pallet has additional advantages of being a single unit for easier handling and fully recyclable for easier and faster disposal.


  • Custom design (height, windows, reinforcements ...)
  • You can add internal fittings in numerous materials
  • Stable and safe stacking
  • Supplied "Lay Flat" or pre-assembled
  • Facilitates synchronization of deliveries (Kanban, JIT…)
  • Space optimisation
  • Fully recyclable
  • Fast and easy assembly