Automotive Seating component

The seat you sit on every day when you drive to work is a critical safety component.

When a vehicle comes to an abrupt stop it is down to not only your seat belt to slow your forward momentum but also your car seat. Expanded foam assists energy management in a vehicle which is a major contributor towards passenger safety.

Seat Reinforcement

The reinforcement components in seats serve to stiffen the passenger seats and also increase the rigidity and comfort. Made of polypropylene material Akylux® or Akyboard® they offer the advantage of being rigid and lightweight as the same time.


  • Provides rigid structure to fit other seat components around
  • Additional driver comfort
  • Prevents submarining under lap strap
  • Reduced weight leading to fuel savings
  • Recyclable material
  • Low cost tools allow short serial production
  • Damp-resistant
  • Option to laminate materials during production without adhesive