DS Smith wins Scanstar

Cardboard transport packaging wins over wood packaging in every way.

DS Smith in Sweden has won a Scanstar for its packaging solution for
the wheel hubs of trucks. The product is manufactured in Sweden and then sent to Belgium before being dispatched to the end customer. Each wheel hub weighs 50 kg.

The DS Smith design consists of an octagonal-shaped box of sturdy cardboard with a coated liner that provides effective protection against moisture. The corners of the octagon make the packaging especially strong, which makes stacking easier than with previous solutions. Four packages can now fit on each pallet and collar – as opposed to three packages previously – an increase of 33 % per pallet. This reduces the customer’s transport costs by 25 % and considerably reduces environmental impact.

In contrast to the previous wooden packaging, the packaging units from DS Smith are delivered flat, which means both fewer deliveries and a reduced need for storage space for the customer.

The use of cardboard in the packaging has ergonomic benefits for the customer’s staff, as it is raised in a jig which is integrated into the customer’s existing robot cell. This eliminates heavy manual work for the staff, and the wrapping process is both quicker and demands fewer resources.

The jury was clear in their praise: A good and complete solution that seems to be very robust. It is possible to stack four on top of each other, as opposed to three with previous solutions. A well-thought through packaging solution that is easy to open and that will work extremely well throughout the entire distribution chain.