Corrugated Plastic Solutions

AkyPure™ Hygienic Packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry

AkyPure™ product line consists of hygienic, fiber-free, moisture resistant packaging solutions manufactured in compliance with International Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that ensures products are consistently produced and controlled according to established quality standards.

AkyPure's properties, such as lightweight and durability, provides a cost-effective solution for transporting and packaging products within cGMP environments. 

Developed in collaboration with key players in the industry, the line of AkyPure Polypropylene Hygienic Packaging has been designed to reduce contamination risks associated with other alternative packaging.  

The AkyPure line of extruded polypropylene packaging comes in three distinct products: AkyPure Tray, AkyPure Box and AkyPure bulk container.

AkyPure line of polypropylene packaging benefits include:

  • Fibre-free
  • Ergonomic/easy handling
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Anti-static
  • Fully customisable
  • Sterilizable
  • Wide choice of sizes, configurations and interior fittings
  • 100% virgin raw material (polypropylene plastics)
  • 100% recyclable at end of useful life


AkyPure Tray

AkyPure Tray

To transport your primary packaging in complete safety

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AkyPure Box

AkyPure Box

To protect your pharmaceutical products with a high added value

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AkyPure Container

AkyPure Container

To store and export your products with complete peace of mind

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