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rapak tea urn-liners a healthy and hygienic alternative

Tea Urn liners for Iced Beverage Dispensers

Maintaining Quality and Reducing Complexity

Iced Tea Urn liners maintain beverage quality and reduce the complexity of cleaning and sanitation.

Tea Urn Liners, The Perfect Pairing

Iced Tea, A Healthy Alternative

As iced tea has grown to be the most popular beverage choice next to water, it's an obvious choice as a healthy alternative to soda. With many health benefits to the end user such as no sodium, carbonation or fat, it makes sense to provide a hygienic solution for your iced tea product.

Tea Urn liners, The Hygienic Solution

Urn liners provide quality and operational improvements for dispensing iced tea for Restaurants, Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) and Convenient Stores.

Our liners are easy to install and use, they eliminate the need for time-consuming urn sanitation and disassembly/reassembly of the faucet. This also improves the beverage’s taste by eliminating cross-contaminants.

The product consists of a disposable liner for the urn and a reusable faucet. The liner requires a Rapak-Worldwide Dispensers reusable faucet for all decanters. Each tea urn liner last 24 hours, and the change-over process takes less than a minute. Changing the reusable faucet, which is done as needed, is also a simple process.

  • The cost of the liner is less than the cost of labour required to maintain proper urn sanitation(daily or as needed).
  • Using our liners reduces customer complaints due to flavour transfer and mouldy or metal taste from the urn's sidewall or unprotected faucet.
  • The refreshing taste increases customer satisfaction and the demand for urn-dispensed beverages.

Urn liners are a great hygienic option for other iced beverages such as iced coffee. We provide liners that fit all of the popular iced beverage urn dispensers. We also provide customiseable options to fit your needs.

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