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Bag-in-Box Flexible Packaging Solutions

Customised Bag-in-Box systems

We offer several different Bag-in-Box solutions:

We provide a comprehensive range of Bag-in-Box  packaging products designed to cater to every aspect of a Bag-in-Box system and every liquid application.

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Bag-in-Box packaging offers an environmentally friendly alternative to other types of packaging. Customers can reduce their environmental impact by reducing waste, using less energy, and conserving raw material. Our Bag-in-Box is not only recyclable but produces five times less waste than rigid containers. There is also an extensive range of bulk bag sizes which means less packaging per litre. 


Benefits of Bag-in-Box packaging:

  • Lowers costs and improves efficiency
  • Longer shelf life
  • Excellent barrier protection against light and oxygen.
  • Increase space-efficiency in storage and transport
  • Reduce logistics costs
  • High brand recognition