ds smith plastics brands

Overview of our Product Offering

DS Smith, Plastics Division is a Leading Manufacturer for Flexible Packaging & Dispensing Solutions, Rigid Packaging, and Foam Products

Flexible Packaging and Dispensing Solutions


A world leader in bag-in-box packaging and filling systems

URN-Liners │ DuraBev │ Sterikap │ Autokap│Intasept®

Worldwide Dispensers

High-quality precision moulding and custom design solutions

VINIflow │ Minnow │ Mustang │ VINItap

Rigid Packaging Group

Extruded Products

Easy to convert corrugated plastic sheets made of polypropylene and polycarbonate

Correx │ Akylux │ Akyprint │ Akyboard │ Akyplen │ Akyver │ Akyplac │ Akylite

Injection Moulded Products

Reusable plastic injection moulded products 

Box2Keep™ | Stackabox™ 

Foam Product Solutions

Foam Products

Foam moulded custom-designed components and protective packaging

Cushi Tush™ | PolyPallet™