Nantes Paper Mill

Founded in 1938 to pack the products of Say Sugar Company, the mill is located in the city of l’Ile de Nantes, France.

After the acquisition by Otor in 1989, the mill started production of White Liner of excellent quality and printability in a wide grammage range, using only recovered paper as raw material.


White Liner C


PM1 two-ply Fourdinier

Grammage range: 120-160 g/m2
Production: 46,000 tonnes/year
Speed max:  600 m/min
Trim max:  2.84 m


1938 Paper mill construction
1947 Production of paper and sugar boxes restart after World War II
1989 Acquisition by OTOR
1990 Rebuild to make White Liner for corrugated board
1994 ABB drive system
1998 New gas boiler
2001 Aeraulic improvement
2002 Soft Calender
2005 New flotation unit for waste water treatment
2006 Waste Paper Storage area
2007 Steambox
2010 New Quality Control System
2010 Acquisition by DS Smith


DS Smith
Nantes Mill
33 Boulevard Benoni Goulin
F-44200 Nantes
Tel: +33 2 40 89 29 11