On Shelf Product Presenter Trays

Distribution and Shelf Ready Trays are reusable and multi-purpose.

‘Pull Pull’ Presenter Tray

Designed to maximise on-shelf availability the Fresh Tray & ‘Pull Pull’ Presenter enables self-presentation in store whilst maintaining faster, one touch replenishment.

  • Reusable
  • Shelf Ready
  • 400 x 300 mm

Pull-Pull tray for POS Display

> View our Pull Pull Presenter Tray in action!

'Lift to Shelf' Presenter Tray

A reusable plastic tray with dual function.  It can be used for fresh-food distribution and as a product presenter or display on shelves once it is removed from the crate.

The internal tray can be removed to enable self-presentation and ‘facing up’ in store – ideal for soft bagged products such as salad leave.

  • Dual function
  • Compatible with a range of industry standard distribution trays
  • 500 x 450 mm

POS Displays makes it easy to replenish and present products

Dairy Tray

The Dairy Tray is a reusable tray and shelving unit suitable for use with a wide range of dairy products such as yoghurts (singles and multipacks), cream and  even 1-pint milk

By knocking down or lifting up the self-contained insert, the same tray can be used for both single pots and multipacks.  The ‘pot’ locator features are flexible and accommodate a wide range of diameters and sizes.