Mobile and In-house regrinding services

We can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your products

Re-grinding Process

We offer regrinding services out of four locations strategically located in Belgium, Croatia, Poland, and Spain.

Prior to re-grinding, the products delivered undergo a process of control and separation. The material is then sent to the regrinding lines for recycling.

After being recycled, the re-grinded material passes through the separator that separates metals and any mechanical particles.

The next step is to ensure the best possible quality of the recycled material. To achieve this, the ground material passes through a washing plant that eliminates dust or any other particles that the separator could not entirely remove.

The recycled material can -at the request of the customer- be returned to production, where it is mixed with a specific percentage together with the original virgin material, so as to achieve optimum product quality.

Mobile Recycling

We offer complete autonomous mobile recycling at your facility. Our mobile re-grinders are 'sound-insulated' with power-supply, fork-lift truck and weighing scales.


Analysis of recycled material complies with EU directives including 94/62/EG.


We guarantee that re-grinded products are ready to be REUSED or PROCESSING in accordance with legislation.

ISO 14001 Certified

We ensure our products are produced to the highest standards as ISO 14001 certified facility.