Plastic Crate design and function

The production of high quality returnable beverage crates has been our core business for many years.

Fit to Purpose Solutions

Our plastic returnable crates (beverage crates and multi-purpose crates) ensure a full 10-year warranty under rigorous manipulation procedures and outdoor usage while still having a modern, attractive and consumer friendly design. 

Our Plastic Crate Offering Includes:

  • Beverage Crates: Apart from having a logistical purpose, returnable beverage and bottle crates are a selling tool for all returnable bottled drinks such as beer, water and soda.
  • Multi-purpose Crates: We offer a variety of multi-purpose crates and containers designed to safely transport and protect your products while in-transit.
  • Promotional Crates: The perfect choice for showcasing your brand on point of sales and throughout  the Supply Cycle of the product.

We use advanced technologies to produce eye-catching products that make yours, stand out from the competition. They include: 

In-mould labeling (IML)

A cost-effective and long lasting decorative technology which applies text, patterns, or graphics with photo quality results.

Overmould technology

Also known as soft-touch, or two-shot moulding, employed to increase the appeal of moulded products.

Soft touch/Soft grip 2K injection technology

A second injection of rubber-like material applied to crate handles to produce softer and more comfortable grip for carrying.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology

Ideal for tracking individual products in automated inventory systems and cost-efficient logistics