New Product Development

Our continuous growth has been secured through quality and product innovation

Our clients are global market leaders and trendsetters and demand products with innovative and intelligent solutions.

New concepts are usually defined within our Research and Development team. Our teams work closely with our clients, partner companies, marketing agencies, and universities.

The process of new product development has various starting points. Sometimes we research the market for existing products to offer our clients solutions that are already recognizable and proven to be successful. Other times an idea is created from scratch. Using 3-D modeling software, we provide our clients with numerous solutions that are later on built into prototypes.

Prototypes offer our clients the possibility to do market research such as focus groups, and make sure that the specific design is targeting the right customers. In addition, prototypes are used to prepare production lines for new packaging.

We offer you a complete project, from preliminary design to production

On the basis of an idea, a sketch, environment or product description, we shall prepare several versions of the requested product. The selected version of a 3-D model is developed down to the smallest detail. After a full geometric definition of the product, there are calculations, simulations, and corrections, and a prototype of the future product is made according to customer requirements.

In cooperation with our reliable partners, we develop two types of prototypes utilizing various technologies (SLS, SLA, FDM, LOM, POLYJET…). Depending on the technology selected, fully-functional prototypes are created with similar or better visual characteristics and mechanical functionalities that those requested for the new product. 

Upon the approval of the drawing or prototype, in cooperation with our partners, moulds are made and all the preparations necessary to set up the mass production of the desired product are made simultaneously.