Automation & Technology

A competitive advantage

We are constantly looking for opportunities to develop products with added value to our customers

We thrive by investing in new technologies, robotics, machinery and automation to maintain the highest of quality while staying competitive.

We believe that by manufacturing products that are attractive in design and functionality, we can help our customers to reach their market position. 

Latest additions in technology, machinery and automation include: 

In Mould Labeling technology (IML)

In mould labeling allows product decoration with photographic details on transport crates. IML permits marketing ideas to be communicated more than ever. IML is cost-effective and provides long-lasting results.

Overmoulding (double injection) technology

Overmoulding, also known as soft-touch, or two-shot molding, is employed to increase the appeal of moulded products.

3-D printing technology

IMP’s 3-D printer runs on FDM (fused deposition modeling) technology which builds parts layer-by-layer from bottom up by heating and extruding thermoplastic filaments. 

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Soft touch/grip 2K injection technology

Our soft touch/grip 2k injection consists of a second injection of rubber-like material applied to crate handles to produce softer and more comfortable grip for carrying. Soft touch/soft grip handles are a plus for ergonomics.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

This new technology of tracking down each individual product will help our clients to run an automated inventory and cost efficient logistics.

Filling and insert of bottles on crates

We offer beverage producers the service of inserting bottles into new crates to make the crates and bottles ready for the manufacturer's filling line immediately upon delivery.

Transport service

We can offer all our customers the service of delivery of the products ordered and manufactured. We cooperate with proven and reliable carriers to provide quality and punctual service.