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We believe in designing reusable solutions that carry the image of your brand and protect your products throughout the Supply Cycle.

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DS Smith Plastics’ Injection Moulding & Tesco Set a New Standard with Retail-Ready Quarter Pallet

With their retail-ready quarter pallet, DS Smith Plastics’ Injection Moulding was able to fulfil Tesco’s packaging, marketing and logistical needs.

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A Perfect Sealable and Reusable Tray to Store Biscuits

Desobry®, a biscuit manufacturer, needed a reusable tray to store the baked biscuits in a perfectly dry environment.

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DS Smith, Plastics Designs Reusable Nestable Boxes for Mango’s Automated Warehouse Handling Systems

Mango chose DS Smith Plastics’ Injection Moulded products to design a box to meet all their expectations.

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Injection Moulded Products designs a universal shopping cart for Decathlon

Decathlon, a sportswear retailer, needed a cart to improve the shopping experience within their stores.

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