Offering a diverse range of properties, Expanded Polystyrene and Polypropylene are ideal mediums for inventors to design new products rich in features that may not be achievable in other materials. With new texturing technology and colour options available, the whole product can be designed without the need for skins from the concept, design and prototyping stage through to full production. For the early stages of your project our services include in-house CNC milling from CAD data and hand crafting first designs, this is a very affordable way of proving and testing a design prior to ordering tooling and moving into production.

Paynes Polystyrene Bee Hives

Paynes Southdown Bee Farms Ltd are a family run business near Brighton and have been trading for since 1922. They sell jam, honey and bee hives to the public. Their beehives were made of a normal wooden construction. Paynes approached Foam Products in 2010 with a view to manufacturing bee hives in EPS material and we worked together on an eke Starter Hive in EPS for them.

Polystyrene is a great material for beehives:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • High density EPS material, 100g/l
  • 3x stronger than typical polystyrene packaging
  • Thermal properties make the hives suitable for nucs and small colonies

(fewer bees are required to maintain the heat required for efficient brooding)

HOTBIN Composting

HOTBIN is an domestic aerobic composting bin designed to utilise the excellent insulation benefits of expanded polypropylene to reduce waste sent to landfill. High composting temperatures allow users to recycle more types of waste faster to produce usable compost in as little as 30 days.

HOTBIN Composting:

  • Has excellent insulation – HOTBIN is 32 times faster than a traditional compost bin
  • Recycles garden waste, fruit and veg, left-over food waste including small bones
  • Heats up to a temperature of 60°C (140°F) or more
  • Contains a bio-filter to contain remove odours

Designed by AC Innovations and manufactured, assembled, packed and despatched by DS Smith Plastics Foam Products the HOTBIN composter demonstrates design features you can build in to new products.

  • Recesses to house components
  • Pop lock fittings
  • Working hinges
  • Tongue and groove interlocks
  • Slide fittings
  • Pivot points