Foam Products manufactures a wide array of automotive packaging and component solutions. EPP and EPS are both proven and preferred by the industry primarily because its light-weight nature reduces vehicle weight whilst its shock absorbency improves passenger and pedestrian safety.

After parts are ejected from the moulding machines they are continually assess for their quality as they have to pass the most stringent certification and testing. We work to the highest standards and have two UK plants accredited to TS16949.

Our materials are also chosen for automotive components and returnable packaging as it is reusable, recyclable and meets the requirements of ELV (end of life vehicles) legislation. 

Foam Products is tactically positioned in the UK for the automotive industry. Our main focus is to provide innovative automotive cushioning components, dunnage and packaging solutions for the automotive industry.  We manufacture and can reverse engineer a wide range of component parts and products which we supply to some of the largest major vehicle manufacturers in the world.

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