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Moulded Foam Markets

Explore our markets below to for an overview of the products we manufacture. See what we can offer your business and how the properties of our expanded foams can be used in new applications or used to redesign old antiquated ones.


With the right packaging breakages and return rates are reduced, resulting in a significant cost savings. Relax in the knowledge that your valuable appliances are well protected during storage, warehouse handling and while in transit.


Expanded foam is chosen for the automotive industry primarily for safety enhancements, sound deadening and to reduce vehicle weight which in turn improves fuel economy and lowers vehicle emissions. Black Expanded Polypropylene offers excellent multi-impact cushioning to improve safety performance for both passengers and pedestrians.


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has fantastic load bearing resistance and high strength to weight ration. EPS is an excellent insulator and is widely used throughout the industry to construct more energy efficient buildings.

Consumer Products

The durability and range of unique expanded foam properties offered by out materials means you and your designs will have a number of built in benefits. Inert mould in brackets, clips and fittings, mould in handles, hinges and recesses to further enhance your project.


A robust nature an superior thermal performance makes EPS foam ideal for horticulture, keeping plant roots warm and protected. Ideal for seed trays and plant pots you also have the extra benefit that they can be reused and 100% recycled.


Expanded foam is used in domestic and industrial component castings for boilers, AC units and heat exchangers to control heat loss, reduce weight, mechanism noise and to lower assembly costs.


Moulded packaging solutions for the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries designed to eliminate concerns associated wit the transit of temperature sensitive specimens. EPS offers excellent temperature control and transit protection to vital, much needed medicines being shipped around the world.