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JB Packaging

DS Smith Plastics Foam Products acquired the JB Packaging business in 2007. Since the acquisition the business has been able to offer customers improved capability and capacity in design testing, customer service, logistics and manufacturing.

JB Packaging now has a much larger range of boxes for sale and its own online ecommerce platform. This operation has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2008 and continues to show good year on year growth.

HOTBIN Composting

Invented by AC Innovations and manufactured by DS Smith Plastics Foam Products the HOTBIN compost bin demonstrates some excellent moulding abilities including:

  • Recesses to house additional components
  • Pop locks moulded in the lid and access door
  • A working hinge

HOTBIN is an aerobic composting bin designed to utilise the excellent insulation benefits of expanded polypropylene to reduce waste sent to landfill by recycling more types of waste.

HOTBIN Compost Bin:

  • Has excellent insulation – HOTBIN is 32 times faster than a traditional compost bin
  • Recycles garden waste, fruit and veg, left-over food waste
  • Heats up to a temperature of 60°C (140°F)
  • Contains a bio filter to minimise odours

Polystyrene Block

Our Polystyrene Block outlet offers a range of Expanded Polystyrene Blocks and Expanded Polypropylene Blocks in different standard sizes. Our 2 specialist block moulding facilities are both based in the UK, one in Northampton (moulding EPP) and the other in Livingston, Scotland (moulding EPS).  Our Livingston premise has on-site cutting capabilities if you require any none standard sizes send us your dimensions.

EPS Block

  • Largest size – 2500 x 1250 x 1000mm
  • Densities (grams/litre)  15, 22, 30, 40 (EPS70, EPS100, EPS200, EPS300)

EPP Block

  • Largest size – 1385 x 1000 x 200mm
  • Densities (grams/litre)  30, 40, 60, 80

EPS Typical Applications

EPP Typical Applications

Landscaping Infill

Automotive prototyping

Road and Rail Embankments

Remote controlled aircraft

Platform extensions

Packaging prototyping

Floating Pontoons

Seating foam inserts

Wall, Roof and Floor Insulation

Impact protection