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AkyPrint is a lightweight, durable and high performance surface for quality screen or digital printing.

DS Smith Plastics’ product line of lightweight, durable and 100% US manufactured materials suitable for unlimited applications: displays, signage, stands, POS displays, packaging…

  • Easy to handle 
  • Lightweight and more rigid than PVC 
  • Flat, uniform surface 
  • Excellent scratch resistance 
  • Wide product range: size, color, thickness 
  • More durable than PS foam 
  • Anti-UV treatment, weather resistant 
  • Moisture and chemical resistant 
  • Recyclable due to its 100% PP composition

AkyPrint Informational PDF

AkyPrint Thickness Grammage Sheet Size

AkyPrint Lite

    2.4 mm

    2.6 mm

   450 gsm

   600 gsm

48" x 96"

AkyPrint Smooth

   3.3 mm

   4.0 mm

   5.4 mm

   9.6 mm

   900 gsm 

  1300 gsm

  1600 gsm

  2600 gsm


Lightweight and durable for optimum impact

The cost-effective and resistant bubble structure is a superior printing solution for flexography, screen and digital printing systems. 

  • Available in 2.5mm/450gsm or 2.9 mm/600gsm
  • Color - white. Other colors available  upon request
  • One sided silk screen/ digital printing
  • Optional anti-UV treatment

 AkyPrintLite is the lightweight solution that lasts


Exceptional printing rendering

The bubble structure of AkyPrintSmooth sheets offers a wide range of two-sided printing possibilities.

  • Available in 3.3mm /400gsm to 9.6mm /2600gsm for tough and durable applications
  • Color- white. Other colors available upon request
  • Two sided silk screen/ digital printing
  • Standard anti-UV treatment

 AkyPrintSmooth is the optimal solution for elegant and portable exhibit stands, premium packaging and permanent displays.